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Skilled Worker

The skilled worker is subject to a point system. To be eligible for permanent residence status the immigrant must receive a total of at least 70 points. Points are awarded in the following categories such as; age, education, language ability, occupation, occupational demand, years of experience, family in Canada and personal suitability. The government of Canada publishes a list of specific occupations which they have graded and have determined are occupations which are "in demand" in Canada. In order to apply you must be described in one of these occupations. These occupations also have specific educational and experience requirements which is described in the National Occupations Classification Manual System.

Family Class

A person who is 19 years of age and over and is a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian Citizen is eligible to sponsor a member of the family class to Canada. In most situations that person must have sufficient qualifying income within the previous 12 months prior to the sponsorship application to properly qualify. The following are general descriptions of members of the family class,

- their spouse or fiancé(e)
- their dependent children under the age of 19
- a child they intend to adopt under the age of 19 years
- their parent and any accompanying dependent children under the age of 19 years

Such applications are given first priority in processing and are not subject to the point system.

Business Category

Canada's Business Immigration program seeks to promote economic development and employment by attracting people with venture capital and entrepreneurial skills. These include :



An entrepreneur is an immigrant who intends and has the ability to establish, purchase or make a substantial investment in a business or commercial venture in Canada that will make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy. The entrepeneur also intends and has the ability to provide active and on going participation in the management of the business or commercial venture and they have to create at least one other job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The entrepeneur must satisfy the Canadian Immigration officials within 2 years of the date of obtaining landed immigrant status that a business has been started or an investment in a business has been made. These terms and conditions are included in the entrepeneur's immigrant visa and also the immigrant visas of all the accompanying dependant children.



A self-employed person is an immigrant who intends and has the ability to establish or purchase a business in Canada that will create an employment opportunity for himself and will make a significant contribution to the economy or the cultural or artistic life of Canada.


An investor is a person who has successfully operated, controlled or directed a business, has accumulated a net worth at least $500,000 (CDN) which has been accumulated through the investor's own efforts. He must also make a minimum investment of either $250,000 or $350,000 in a venture project which has been approved by the government in one of the provinces of Canada. There are no terms and conditions attached to the investors landed immigrant status.

Employment Authorizations

All foreign workers must satisfy that they are not taking a job away from a Canadian before they are issued a temporary work permit. Getting proper permission from the Canadian government that the Canadian labour market is not effected can be a complex and tedious task. It is mainly determined by which occupations are in demand in Canada. The Canadian Immigration Act also addresses certain situation which are exempt from this requirement. The exemptions are often very case specific and again can be a rather complex area of Immigration law. It is best to address each situation individually before rendering an opinion whether an exemption exists or not.

Student Authorizations

Student permits are available for all levels of study in Canada.(primary, secondary and post-secondary). Proof of tuition fees being paid, an acceptance letter from the school and approval from a visa officer is the process in which a student permit is issued. Education in Canada can be provided by either the public school system (government operated) or a private school system which is independantly owned and operated. Independant private schools must be government approved for the purpose of allowing foreign students to study at them. Some students are also interested in studying English as a second language before entering into a formal course of study.


Applicants must satisfy visa officials that there is no risk that they will over extend their visit to Canada.